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More About Me

Strength in Body & Mind

Getting in shape is not meant to be a torturous endeavour. There may be a sore muscle or two along the way, but I believe getting fit should be enjoyed, not dreaded.

I am passionate about the links between physical fitness and mental wellbeing. By undertaking a physical challenge we can quickly regain control of our minds, enabling us to make great choices and build healthy lifestyle patterns that will carry us well into old age.

Through my own personal encounters with Pilates, from rehabbing running injuries, to my time spent study the practise, I quickly came to realise the strength and control we all have the ability to unlock. I have encountered many people who have found the power in Pilates to overcome injury and rebuild their bodies physically, whilst feeling the unique benefits of mental wellbeing that come from relieving yourself of those daily aches and pains.

I am lucky enough to enjoy all types of physical activity, but I get the most amount of pleasure from motivating others and working with you to define your goals is the aim of the game. Whatever the problem, drop me a line and lets see if Pilates is the answer you've been looking for!

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